Tax Impact of the Referendum

It would seem that some folks in our community are mistakenly using their total property tax increases to say that the school district lied about the cost of last November’s referendum to the taxpayers.

Only our school taxes are affected by the referendum.

To find both the estimated and the actual impact that November’s referendum had on your school taxes, you need to look at two documents:
— Your Proposed Property Tax for 2012 received last fall, and
— your 2012 Property Tax Statement you just received

1)   From Your Proposed Property Tax for 2012 received last fall…
a.   Find column (2) “Proposed 2012 Property Tax”, and the amount listed for “Voter                            Approved Levy” under School District 277

2)   From your 2012 Property Tax Statement just received…
a.   In the 2012 column, find the amount from Line 9 part A, “Voter approved levies”
b.   Find your 2012 Taxable Market Value (from box in upper right)

3)            2a – 1a  divided by 12
                                     = the actual monthly amount your school taxes increased
The district stated that we could expect our school taxes to increase about $13.50/month, with estimates based on a home valued at $300,000 in 2011.

                    13.50   x   2b (from above)  divided by 300,000
=  the district estimate of your monthly school tax increase

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